The team

Sofia Almpani

I am a PhD student at School of Electrical and Computer Engineering in National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and I have been involved in European Projects. I have received Bachelor Degrees from the Faculty of Education School of Primary Education (AUTH) and from the Department of Mathematics (UOA) as well as the Master Degree “Educational Leadership, Management and Emerging Technologies” (University of Marconi).

Alain Couillault – Project leader

I am specialized in Natural Language Processing with both an academic (as Associate Professor) and an industrial backgrounds (as Product Director and VP for natural language companies). I hold a PhD in Computational linguistics and have been involved in major European Projects. Former the project leader for the Ethics and Big Data Charter.

Theodoros Mitsikas

I am a PhD student at the NTUA, and works in the fields of Natural Language Understanding and Knowledge reprensation and extractions. I bear expertise in PSOA RuleML W3C standard and Artificial Intelligence. I work on ethics related actions including the LEPS e-id project.

Alexandros Nousias

Alexandros is an IP and privacy professional affiliate with organisations like National Center for Scientific Research Demokritos, National University of Ireland (NUIG), Creative Commons and a Singularity University alumni. He operates both in the market and within the context of H2020.

Petros Stefaneas

I have done extensive work on the application of formal verification and specification techniques to engineering problems. My current research includes formal methodologies for information privacy, legal documents and open data policies. Other research interests include abstract model theory, algebraic specifications, computational creativity and semantics and ethics of computer science. I coordinated the research group on “Algebraic Modeling and Computation” supported by THALIS grant ALMODTOPCOM (2012-15). His academic publication record includes 2 books, 30 refereed journal papers, 64 refereed papers in conferences or in collected volumes, 38 short papers/presentations/posters, 1 textbook (Applications of Logic in Computer Science, in Greek), 8 technical reports and 8 in academic journals, proceedings and books in Greek. My work has received 557 citations [29/4/2019].